Shopping Tour in Barcelona

Shopping Tour in Barcelona

If you’ve ever watched Pretty Woman and thought you’d might like to recreate the shopping scenes (not the rest), then you can go on a little shopping tour in Barcelona. It is home to some of the most astonishing food markets and high end shops. Barcelona has always been one of the main destinations for those looking for the best brands and best food. Being between the port and the mountains, it has the best fish and meats in Spain, not to mention a wide array of vegetables and fruits.

Your journey will begin at the top of the famous “Rambla” and will go on for around 5km. It’s a constant stream of shops that lead you through some of the prettiest pedestrian roads of the city. You make your way through The Plaça Catalunya along the Passeig de Gracia and finally to the top of the Avinguda Diagonal. You have a choice of up to 35,000 shops, so I’m sure you will find what you are looking for.
Unique little shops inundate the narrow streets of El Raval and are a real pleasure to visit. They will give you a feel of the old Barcelona town and you can end up in an Arabic style square for a refreshing drink or a coffee for those who want to continue the spree. This is also the part of Barcelona Woody Allen filmed the argument scene between Bardem and Cruise (for those movie buffs out there).

Each neighborhood has it’s charm and you really can’t go wrong wherever you go. This is a perfect way to end your trip and you can dispose of your left over Euros and also get the chance to see those little roads you hadn’t seen yet.

Shopping Tour in Barcelona with Personal Shopper

This activity aims to save you time and make sure that your shopping tour experience is as good as it can be, making your stay in Barcelona a much more enjoyable one. Your own personal shopper takes you to the best and most special shops, so that you don’t end up in the generic global brands. This also helps you communicate with the sellers and avoid misunderstandings. Make the most of the wide range of shops Barcelona has to offer, and purchase in the most stylish city in Spain.

Follow your Personal Shopper through the beautiful streets and into the most exclusive locations, through the doors of fashion. The shops you go to range from fashion shops, local shops, boutiques etc… The route contains all kinds, and you are guaranteed to visit the shops of the youngest and most fashionable designers around.

The duration of the tour is of 4 hours and can be done with private transport or by walking.

The personal shopper can meet you at your accommodation, hotel or a set meeting point.

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