If your corporate group is looking for a spectacular activity that is sure to impress and entertain then book a luxurious private catamaran and treat everyone to a day on the water in style. Our yachts accommodate groups of over 100 and deliver a range of options such as custom catering, live-music and wine/cheese tasting to make your trip something special. Climb aboard and let Red Mago arrange an excursion that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Private Catamaran Barcelona Valencia and Portugal

catamaran BarcelonaOur professional crew provides an elite calibre of service including a fully stocked bar, snorkeling, paddle-boarding equipment and a magnificent fleet of yachts to suit your every occasion. Whether it is part of a conference, meeting, private celebration or team-building event, a private yachting trip into the Mediterranean is the perfect reward for your efforts. Red Mago can connect your corporate group to unmatched sailing luxury. Contact one of our representatives to create a custom excursion like no other.


Though your private yacht sails when you want it, below is merely a sample itinerary to give some ideas of what is possible:

  • catamaran Barcelona14:45: Arrive at the harbour and meet the captain and crew before embarking
  • 15:00: Set sail and enjoy the sea views while enjoying a refreshing drink from our fully-stocked onboard bar
  • 16:00: A flamenco concert, live band or wine-tasting event begins for all the guests
  • 17:00: Enjoy a catered meal or magician’s show as the excursion continues
  • 18:00: The trip ends back at port where your group disembarks onto waiting private transport to take you to the next event! Get ready for what the night has to offer!

Though each yacht-hire excursion is customised to your corporate need, all our packages come with certain essentials:

  • catamaran barcelonaEach yacht hire package comes with all drinks included
  • Our fully trained, English-speaking crews are on-hand to provide maximum comfort and safety throughout your journey at sea
  • Some vessels have snorkeling and paddle-board equipment for the free use of the guests- bring your swim-trunks!
  • A huge variety of additional options are available, including a catered BBQ lunch, wine-tasting, onboard music and other entertainers
  • Options to hire photographers or videographers to record your event are also available

catamaran barcelonaLet go of your stress and set sail on one of our luxurious yachts for a rewarding adventure for your corporate group. Our deluxe fleet delivers a spectacular excursion into the blue waters around Spain and Portugal and our incredible, sunny climate is the perfect setting for your important corporate occasion. Our spacious and well-appointed boats are serviced by professional wait-staff, experienced crews and (with prior arrangement) entertainment to delight and impress your guests. Sipping champagne while cruising on the Mediterranean is a sure-fire way to unwind and celebrate your special event. With private transport to and from the port, at Red Mago we ensure that your trip is flawless and first class.

catamaran BarcelonaLet Red Mago arrange a series of spectacular events for your corporate group that go beyond expectations. We create custom-designed entertainment that will impress and delight. Combine your private boat hire with a tablet-enabled treasure hunt, a flamenco concert, or premium tickets to a la Liga football match! There is no end to the combination of activities we can organise, starting from our private limousine airport pickup we tailor everything to suit your group size and interests. From running with bulls to bubble football to VIP bookings at the hottest nightclubs, Red Mago provides professional, start to finish on-the-ground support to ensure your corporate visit is flawless and memorable. Contact one of our representatives to deliver a perfect events package for your corporate excursion to Spain and Portugal.