El Clasico Real Madrid v Barcelona

Spain, Madrid

A two- night El Clasico football packge including match tickets for El Clasico, the world’s most exciting football match, a tour of Real Madrid’s Bernabeu Stadium and a visit to beautful Toledo. You’ll stay in a central four star hotel in Madrid with transport and guide throughout. The beauty of El Clasico is that you can always find tickets with Redmago. Ronaldo and Messi are two of the finest players in teh world at this moemnt. Their goals are amogst the finest you will see anywhere. Fans will be flocking from all over teh world to make thsi one of ffoootball’s top occasions. Make sure you are one of the spectators watching El Clasico live, from the stands or terraces of the Bernabeu Stadium. El Clasico lives on in the memory, especially when played at the dazzling 85,000-seater Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

Watch Ronaldo and Messi fight it out at the Bernabeu

Our El Clasicopackage includes:

  • The package is for minimum group size 8
  • Category Three tickets (End View) for Real Madrid v Barcelona
  • 2 night’s 4-star hotel with breakfast (Madrid centre)
  • Return airport transfers
  • A half-day tour of fantastic Toledo
  • visit to the Santiago Bernabeu Museum and Stadium
  • Find the Bernabeu Stadium

    Barcelona Getafe Tickets – Camp Nou Seating Areas and Ticket Categories

    FC Barcelona Getafe Football tickets

    Seating at Camp Nou Stadium

    The terms Category 1, 2 ,3 and so on are the most commonly used in the marketplace to describe types of seating available at Spanish matches, and the relative quality (and therefore price) of each area of a ground. However, do not expect to find these terms printed on tickets in Spain. This diagram shows the categories of tickets available at the Camp Nou Stadium, where FC Barcelona play. To help you decide, we use the following Category definitions:

    Category One Tickets (Cat 1): Your seats will be in the best areas in the lower half of the stadium, side view. One of the following will be marked on your ticket: Lateral 1ª, Lateral 2ª or Tribuna.

    Category Two Tickets (Cat 2): Upper Side view, or lower Goal End view. Your seats will either be side view (but higher up than Cat 1) or the best seats of Goal End View. The following will be marked on your ticket:

    – Side View: Lateral 3ª or General (Section or “Boca” 530 – 540)

    – End View: Gol Baix, Gol 1ª, Gol 2ª

    Category Three Tickets (Cat 3): Upper End View (higher up than the Cat 2 seats). The following will be marked on your tickets: Gol Nord 3ª, Gol Sur 3ª, General (Section or “Boca” 500 – 529 or 541 – 550).

    Kick Off Times for Matches in Spain

    League matches in Spain can be played on Saturdays or Sundays, (and occasionally Monday or Friday fixtures are possible). Notice that for most matches in Spain, because of the way TV rights are decided, (and maybe because many things tend to be arranged “last minute” in Spain!) definitive kick off times and even the dates of the game remain provisional until perhaps 7 or 8 days before the match.

    When fixtures are announced at the start of each season for La Liga, Sunday dates are almost always given provisionally for each match. Then 7 or 8 days before each games, the definitive kick off time is given (usually Saturday or Sunday with kick off times usually between 1700 and 2200). If you are planning a football weekend in one of the Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, and wish to make your arrangements more than 8 days in advance, you must stay both Saturday and Sunday nights, arriving no later than about 1600 on the Saturday.

    What to watch out for in Madrid

    Madrid is a fantastic lively. cosmopolitan city. Its trestaurants are amongst the finest in Europe and it enjoys an unbeatable bar and club scene. If you’d like to find out more ask us!